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If you are interested in having your own Xilon graphics, videos or stories included in the exhibition, please review this page and then contact the project director.

First and Foremost...

image Please remember that this is a collaborative exhibition, not a user community. Some submissions are added immediately while others require revisions and, unfortunately, many are not added at all. Often, basic modifications may be made and then sent back to you, either as an example or for your approval to use as the final version. This applies to all mediums (artwork, stories and videos).


Before anything else, please make sure that you have gone through the Cosmic Encyclopedia and have looked through some of the stories and galleries, so that you have a clear understanding of what the concept is all about. It is so disappointing to receive a beautiful piece of art or a captivating story that we simply can't use because the most basic elements of the concept were ignored.


- Artists may view the Designing Xilon page for a list of scenes to either try or to use as a starting point.

- Anyone doing character art is encouraged to read through the FAQ as well.

- "Extrasolar" artwork or stories (i.e. aliens or places that are not on the site) are very welcome as long as they capture the overall feel of the exhibition so that we can work them into the concept.

- We welcome both completed stories and general ideas, outlines or themes to consider for future stories.

- Videos may represent specific elements of the exhibition or an original story inspired by it. Videos using existing footage must be highly transformative and may not use lengthy clips from any one source.

- Wallpapers made from original images and/or existing graphics from the galleries are welcome.

- Graphics and videos must be high quality. We cannot accept pixellated or blurry renders.

- Please do not put signatures, logos or borders on graphics or videos intended for this exhibition (if ownership is a concern, please save a slightly larger marked version for your own records and galleries).

- Only original artwork based on the Xilon universe can be accepted. We cannot include general sci-fi/fantasy artwork that was not specifically done for the exhibition.

- Please do not upload graphics, videos or stories for public viewing until we have determined exactly how it will be worked into the exhibition (title, backstory and so on).

Legality and Copyright

Artists retain full rights to the graphics, videos and stories that they create, with the following conditions:

- Wherever the creative work is used, the description should note that it was created as part of The Xilon Project and should include a link to

- All accepted material will become a permanent part of The Xilon Project and may be added, removed or rotated at the project director's discretion.

- Contributed work may be altered and used in any way related to the site, including for wallpapers, banners and overall site design.

Submitting Work

Please contact the project director with your ideas or finished work, or if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing your visions of Xilon!

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