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Copyright and Concept Useage

The Xilon Project (including overall concept, artwork, stories, videos, species, culture, timeline, language and font) is a copyrighted product and none of its elements may be used without obtaining legal rights. All artwork belongs to the individual artists and may not be altered, reuploaded, publicly displayed or used in any way without the creator's express permission. Never use elements of this concept to create images intended for commissioned work or for public renders that are not specifically meant to be part of this site.

Site Information

The Xilon website was created by Reese Nanavati and may not be copied or replicated for other purposes.

Additional Credits

Image descriptions list only the artist(s) who created and submitted the final scene to this exhibition. It is each artist's responsibility to note any required credits for stock, freebies, etc. when uploading the images to their personal galleries or portfolios.

Language & Font

The Jzesan language and written characters are original designs by Reese Nanavati. Uploading this font to another server or using the characters for projects not related to the exhibition without credit or legal consent constitutes an infringement. If you would like to use the Jzesan font or language for other purposes, you must request permission.

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