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Designing Xilon

Designing Xilon

Suggestions for artists looking for starting points or full scenes to depict.

Character Scenes

Day at the Races

Similar to a horse race, except that the horses have wings (or you might use dragons), and the "racetrack" is a rough water zone of Zenon, winding through a park (note: a Zenon park, which means that the trunks of the trees run straight down into the water).


A class in session at one of the learning centers on any of the 5 planets. Definitely should not be traditonal (ie. kids sitting at chairs)...think as unusual a class as possible. High technology, teleportation practice, etc.

The Game

A few friends engaged in some sort of game...could be an alien looking board game, or even something simple like a game similar to Jacks.

Gods of the Hunt

An intimate shot of 2 Xilon hunters celebrating, with a wild animal slain at their feet.

The Hunting Party

A group of 5 hunters in the middle of battling a wild animal, searching for wildlife, or ready to attack, possibly in the Javedan Forest of Risus (ice trees, snow flying, etc.).

Misty Mountain Lake

An isolated mountain range on Terra Firma, a lake surrounded by high cliffs, enveloped by mist. 3 friends sit on the rocks near the water. Maybe one has his hand trailing through the water while watching his friends. The two females are talking as one of them sharpens a hunting knife.

New Dimensions

1-3 Xilon friends Walking through the Mobius Spiral, leaving the Aeradisphere.

The Prodigal Returns

A wanderer who's led a very extravagant life traveling around the universe finally returns home to Zenon. The image should have a somewhat whimsical or nostalgic feel...maybe a view of them looking at their old house from a distance as they approach.

Winter Oasis

Set on Risus, a young Xilon pair in love, but each unsure of what the other thinks.


Close Encounters

2-3 of the celestial bodies at points in their orbit where they come into close contact with each other, practically passing on top of each other.

Creation Myth

Any images of the main bodies of the Xilon System at different points of their individual formations. For specific background stories that aren't included on the main site, feel free to email and ask and the project director will compose a description of the details.


Any of the planets directly in front of the core of either Geminius or Zeta Five.

End of Days

This can include multiple images of the Aeradisphere at the end of time when it finally collapses into itself and is swallowed up by Daxxus. You might do a full shot of the energy sphere itself, or a view of the galaxy whirlpooling away, or closeups of particular celestial objects (ie. the planets falling apart, Zeta Five exploding). Particular events are also listed in the End of Days story.

Fragments of a Dying Star

The purple/blue Jeborak Sun exploding to ultimately form the Xilon supernova Geminius.


A massive nuclear storm moving along the borders of the main orbit system...close enough to look imposing and dangerous, but far enough that it doesn't affect the nearby planets.

The Great Destruction

A cataclysmic event caused a chain reaction within a cluster of celestial bodies, resulting in the explosion of over 500 billion stars and planets near the center of the Aeradisphere. Any images depicting various stages of this epic event.

Ice Storm

A massive ice storm passes through the orbit system. Could be a wide shot or a closeup of how it affects the planets. The storm itself would appear to be a tumult of thick white icy mist and frozen chunks of rock.

Towns, Villages and Buildings

These are just general descriptions and suggestions for the types of scenes you might consider's entirely up to you to choose the composition and type of shot (ie. an overhead view of the whole area, or a closeup view of a particular cluster of houses, or just one house).

Terra Firma

• A small thatched village surrounding a lake in a deep canyon in the mountains.
• A town carved into the sides of a mountain range.
• A village set in a valley of tall grass and scattered high trees.
• A village set in a forest, maybe along a small river with a colorful waterfall nearby.


• A village in the mountains, scattered along connecting ice roads with an occasional ice tree.
• A large ice or marble pavilion, or general public area in the heart of a village.
• A school that looks like a mansion sculpted from ice.
• A small town built into the ice of a frozen lake, or into the glacial ocean.
• A village built inside a massive, brightly lit ice cave.
• A home carved into a glacier out in the middle of the ocean.


• A large, snazzy looking learning center out on the water.
• A stilted village, either built from stone, wood or glass, connected by dock-like walkways
• A city built on the edge of a waterfall.
• A village or small cluster of houses built on top of stone formations jutting out of the water.
• A village set in a forest or park, where the trees run straight into the water.
• A more advanced, futuristic city built over a remote region of the waterscape.

Kappa Crucis

• A village in a lush, green valley, with a lake or pond, and fairy tale-style houses.
• An airborne learning center, floating high up in the sky, very open, lushy and garden-based.
• A small town built along one of the larger rivers.

Acadia Minor

• A large gothic-style town built into the barren black mountains.
• An extremely grand city made of marble or glass, high up in the mountains, touching the clouds.
• An underground city built into an enormous cave.
• A social pavilion and/or learning center deep in the woods


Terra Firma

• A massive multicolored waterfall.
• A forest or valley view with stormy skies and/or rain.
• A misty wooded path winding through the mountains.
• The deep interior of a lush jungle/forest.
• A mountaintop view of the ocean, a large lake or a river.
• A beautiful open field surrounded by mountains.
• A winterscape, anywhere on the planet.


• A huge frozen waterfall nestled deep in the ice mountains.
• A crystal road winding through an ice tree forest.
• A stormy day in a small mountain village.
• A view of what it might look like under the frozen surface of the ocean.
• A daytime view of a village with Terra Firma directly overhead in the sky.
• A nighttime view from the surface with Zenon overhead (left), Kappa on the right and Zeta 5 behind.
• A nighttime view from a forest with Zenon and Daxxus in the sky overhead.
• A daytime view of a snowy valley with Geminius in the sky overhead.


• A thunder storm over a village or as seen from within a wooded area of the waterscape.
• A view of what lives under the surface of the water.
• Various shots of the sky at different times, in different locations (dawn, daylight, dusk, nighttime).
• Bright daytime shot of the waterscape and sky, with a view of Geminius close overhead.
• Nighttime shot with a view of Zeta Five overhead.
• Nighttime shot with a very close view of Terra Firma in the sky, almost too close for comfort.
• Waterscape with a view of Risus close in the sky, almost directly on top of Zenon.
• A nighttime village or forest shot with a view of Acadia Minor in the distance.
• An evening shot with a distant view of Daxxus.
• A daytime view with Kappa Crucis almost directly overhead.
• Daytime and nighttime views of the landscape with an epic view of the fire storm overhead.
• Daytime and nighttime views of the landscape with a stunning view of the ice storm overhead.

Kappa Crucis

• A massive, gorgeous waterfall in an open, rocky clearing in the middle of a forest.
• A rain or hail storm over the thick, lush landscape.
• A rough cascade running through the forest or mountains.
• A daytime shot with a somewhat distant view of Zeta Five on the left and Risus on the right.
• A nighttime view of Zenon overhead, almost directly on top of the landscape.
• A closeup view of Terra Firma in the sky.
• A somewhat closeup view of either Daxxus or Acadia Minor nearby in the sky.
• A nighttime shot with a very distant view of Zenon and Geminius.
• Daytime and nighttime views of the landscape with a stunning view of the fire storm overhead.
• Daytime and nighttime views of the landscape with a stunning view of the ice storm overhead.

Acadia Minor

• A storm over the landscape.
• Out in the desert, a small canyon with a colorful waterfall or cascade.
• The deep interior of one of the water caves.
• Mountains and fields along a perfectly calm lake on a beautiful day.
• A set of islands far out in the ocean.
• A nighttime shot of a desert as seen from a hill or the mountains.

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