Alarahn Galaxy


image Alarahn is the second largest galaxy in the Aeradisphere, closest neighbor of Chrysalian and home of the Athalites. It has a flatter, more traditional disc appearance than the central galaxy and the colors of its stars and planets radiate more of an even white and dull blue coloring.

Of the Aeradian galaxies, Alarahn has the highest number of true solar systems and is therefore the most densely populated with a diverse array of sentient species. Aside from the Athalites, who watch over the lower life forms, and the typical flora and fauna, there are many smaller groups ranging from primitive G-Class cultures to more advanced R-Class civilizations that span their respective star systems. While Chrysalian planets generally offer circumstances that favor a wide variety of carbon-based life forms, Alarahn's inhabitants are predominantly boron- and silicon-based. The Xilon Species  >>

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