Chrysalian Galaxy


image Chrysalian is the largest and most populous galaxy within the Aeradisphere. Much of the region is composed of static stars, planets and nebulae, most of which are grouped in small, self-contained clusters rather than proper solar systems. The centermost point of the Sphere, the galaxy and its surrounding nebula are a great distance from other populated regions of the universe, surrounded by little more than blackness. Chrysalian's closest neighbor is the second largest galaxy, Alarahn, home and capitol region of the Athalites as well as a number of more primitive life forms that live within their domain.

image An exceptionally bright and colorful conglomeration of stars, planets, clouds, supernovae and wild celestial events, Chrysalian is considered by many to be a universe unto itself. Massive fire and ice storms move through the region in consistent rotational patterns, with nuclear storms like the Delta Chain freely roaming the outer borders of numerous star systems.

With the exception of the Xilon orbit system, the various celestial bodies that make up the galaxy are, like most of the planets throughout the Aeradisphere, caught within their own smaller movement patterns and inhabited almost entirely by wildlife, with small, isolated Xilon settlements scattered across the minor planets, left over from the early tribal days. The Xilon System  >>

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