The Xilon System

Xilon System

image The Xilon System is the largest and most clearly defined orbit system within the Aeradisphere. It is located in the center of Chrysalian and is composed of eight astronomical objects, seven of which move in highly unusual patterns around the central planet.

Terra Firma is the largest of the five planets. It was the first celestial body to form in Chrysalian and remains static, revolving only on its axis at the exact center point of the Sphere interior. The planet produces an absolutely massive but extremely erratic gravitational pull which, when played against the equally abnormal gravitational fields of the other seven bodies of the system, results in a series of unique and complex orbit paths.

Circling Terra Firma are four smaller planets: Risus, Zenon, Kappa Crucis and Acadia Minor. Directly beyond those are Daxxus, a rift in reality; Geminius, a large supernova; and Zeta Five, the primary sun. These, too, are subject to Terra Firma's bizarre patterns and move in paths similar to those of the satellite planets.

image Passing through the Xilon System are intense celestial events that come and go in an almost seasonal form. The Frosty Leo is a massive frozen nebula, a tumult of thick white icy mist and frozen chunks of rock. Circling through Chrysalian, just touching the borders of the central orbit system, is the Light of Lucifer, the largest fire storm in the galaxy. On the northern border of the system is an enormous nuclear storm called the Delta Chain. Similar celestial anomalies exist all throughout the Aeradisphere, but are most heavily located within Chrysalian, in and around the main orbit paths.

Floating through the heart of the Xilon System, amongst the main planets, is the Rift Nebula, a large, bright, multicolored cloud that drifts around the central gravity core, passing by the eight bodies in a constant rotation, almost an honorary part of the orbit system. Terra Firma  >>

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