Isop Nebula


image Isop is the largest nebula in the Aeradisphere. It is unimaginably massive, over twice the size of Chrysalian galaxy, and has the distinct appearance of a swirling tumble of thick clouds of purple, blue and magenta hues. Whether or not it should even be classified as a nebula or given a classification of its own is a subject of ongoing debate.

The cosmic drift came into being after a cataclysmic event known as the first Nyimian shock wave caused the Great Destruction, an interstellar explosion that set off a chain reaction within a cluster of celestial bodies called the Isop Ring, resulting in the annihilation of over 500 billion stars and planets throughout the center of the Sphere universe.

image Over the years, enormous amounts of debris floated out from that explosion point, forming most of the stars and minor planets that make up the Sphere interior, slowly spreading out through what had once been empty space. The gravity core at the center of the Sphere attracted a whirlpool of the largest rocks and the heaviest, most colorful gases, and pulled them together to form Chrysalian, with the Xilon orbit system developing at the heart of it.

The remaining debris of the Great Destruction eventually grew static, the clouds coming to rest along the borders of what would become the central galaxy. And so the Isop Nebula, the scattered remnants of the Sphere's original galactic core, was born. Chrysalian Galaxy  >>

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