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aliens Although the Xilon openly interact with comparatively few other species, they do have long-lasting relationships, whether good or bad, with the more powerful and far-reaching cultures, and make an effort to guide the rest.

There are four classifications, based on each species' physical, social and technological status. Araathi or A-Class life forms are only a small step below the Xilon and Athalites themselves. Few and far between, they are, after the ruling Aeradians, the pinnacles of evolution, the most powerful and physically evolved beings in existence, with extremely advanced technology and civilizations that dominate their respective galaxies and beyond.

Kengar or K-Class life forms are the next level down, possessing extremely high intelligence, intergalactic capabilities, complex social structures and advanced technology. They may rule empires and have far-reaching ambitions, and may even pose a mild threat to higher life forms, but are ultimately not quite as powerful, physically and/or technologically. Many K-Class cultures, however, are peaceful and, while scattered across the stars, do not try to control them.

Rydra or R-Class life forms are your average middle evolutionary beings, with sufficient intellectual and social development and the ability to travel shorter distances across space, form interstellar kingdoms or federations that span a star system or two, but nothing beyond that, limited by their intellect and/or physiology. Graegan or G-Class life forms are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, ranging from primitive tribes to civilizations that dominate a single planet at most, with limited or no space travel abilities and who are either not in contact with or have minimal contact with other worlds.

Advanced Aeradian beings (that is, those who evolved within other regions of the Aeradisphere) are rather rare, but there are a plethora of aliens across the stars that feature prominently throughout Xilon history, both of quorec (Xilonoid) nature and otherwise, and we will endeavor to continue updating our database with details of these vast and diverse civilizations over time. Alien Species: Athalites  >>

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