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Aarajaermon Park

Pronunciation: ah-ruh-jair-mun
Definition: A huge residential park on Risus; one of the most heavily populated areas of the planet.

Aareflyn City

Pronunciation: ah-reh-flin
Definition: A large, densely populated waterfall city on Zenon.

Aarjzrif Village

Pronunciation: ahr-jhuh-rif
Definition: An old fashioned residential complex and park in the rural Ra'hdlor Hills of Acadia Minor.

Aarnaxis Lake

Pronunciation: ahr-nax-sis
Definition: A large residential region in the south Terra Firman mountains, known for its peaceful community and revered learning center.


Pronunciation: ax-see-on
Definition: A coastal region of Kappa Crucis characterized by jagged cliffs jutting out of the water, home to the ruins of an ancient Xilon city.

Acacia Rhaeticon

Pronunciation: uh-kay-shuh ray-tih-con
Definition: An Acadian dragon tamer from the Fusion Aeon.

Acadia Major

Pronunciation: uh-kay-dee-uh
Definition: A massive planet in the early days that was devastated by a nuclear storm and later became Acadia Minor.

Acadia Minor

Pronunciation: uh-kay-dee-uh
Definition: The fifth planet of the Xilon orbit system, characterized by ostentatious cities and concentrated populations. Also the homebase of the Universal Watchmen and the Book of Xilon.


Pronunciation: uh-kay-dee-in
Definition: A native of Acadia Minor, often distinguished by jet black hair with contrasting streaks of color, and blue, green or pink eyes.


Pronunciation: ak-uh-ryte
Definition: A powerful mineral commonly used for weapons, although poisonous to the Athalites.


Pronunciation: ad-uh-lin
Definition: A planet in the Karacan galaxy, homeworld of the Agrolytes and Meraedans, who were engaged in an devastating civil war.

Adalaeden Lake

Pronunciation: ad-uh-lay-den
Definition: A still body of water in Keraelen Cove, in the Roft Mountains on Terra Firma.

Adalyn Valley

Pronunciation: ad-uh-lin
Definition: A region of the border planet Coridian that serves as a retreat for those on the central worlds. Home to Epiphany Lake and the catacombs of K'Rin.

Adraxa Village

Pronunciation: ah-drax-uh
Definition: A small stilted village on Zenon.

Adrylian Device

Pronunciation: uh-dril-ee-en
Definition: A piece of technology created by Mars Xidonis that greatly increases an individual's inherent strength.


Pronunciation: air-ray-dee-an
Definition: Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Aeradisphere or its inhabitants.


Pronunciation: air-ray-dih-sphere
Definition: A dimensional rift in the form of a massive ball of energy, within which exists the entire Xilon universe.

Age of Degeneration

Definition: The eighth eon of existence, during which a number of cosmic disasters occurred as a result of unchecked Xilon pride and apathy.

Age of Enlightenment

Definition: The ninth eon of existence, marked by the Xilon making a conscious effort to once again progress and evolve as a society.


Pronunciation: ag-roe-lytes
Definition: One of two violent species waging a devastating civil war in the Karacan Galaxy.


Pronunciation: ahl-ah-rahn
Definition: The second largest galaxy in the Aeradisphere and original home of the Athalites.


Pronunciation: ahl-deer-uh
Definition: A young Xilon watcher who helped Orion to solve the sixth rhyme.

Aldraaken Sphere

Pronunciation: ahl-droc-en
Definition: A sphere of chronospacial energy that functions as a reset switch in the event of a premature end to or alteration of Xilon existence.


Pronunciation: al-jhuh-roc
Definition: The Xilon equivalent of a male.


Pronunciation: al-jhuh-roc-uh
Definition: The plural form of aljzrac.

Alkadine Mountains

Pronunciation: al-kuh-dyne
Definition: An uninhabited mountain range on Terra Firma.

Alpha Chain

Definition: A universal region notorious for its dangerously barbaric inhabitants.

The Ancient

Definition: The last remaining member of the Eldenkraenm, who found a way to temporarily extend his lifespan until later in the Early Days.

The Ancients

Definition: A group of the oldest and most legendary Xilon known to exist, from the Early Days when the species was still evolving. Also known as the Eldenkraenm.

Andalasian Cascade

Pronunciation: an-duh-lay-shuhn
Definition: A colorful waterfall in the Jemmiraden mountains of Kappa Crucis.

Andalasian Gate

Pronunciation: an-duh-lay-shuhn
Definition: A Xilon creation myth describing the origin of all material existence.


Pronunciation: an-deh-var-on
Definition: A small village in the Hills of Aradaine on Risus.


Pronunciation: an-day-vee-in
Definition: A residential coastal region of Kappa Crucis.


Pronunciation: ar-shel-vree
Definition: A coastal region of the war-torn planet Zreda Minor in the Alpha Chain.

Araa Jale Maen

Pronunciation: ar-rah jah-leh mayn
Definition: The Jzesan term for soul mates, who each possess one half of a unique code in their biological makeup.

Araathan Mountains

Pronunciation: ar-rah-thin
Definition: A mountain range in the north Zenon waterscape, known for the gorgeous natural light shows that take place overhead at night.


Pronunciation: ar-uh-day-zee-an
Definition: The primary spoken language of the Xilon, a musical form of communication.


Pronunciation: ar-ih-tac
Definition: An organic crystal that functions like a telepathic cell phone, binding itself to one individual and reaching out across space and time to connect with a friend or family member who might be traveling elsewhere. Also known as a "comm crystal."

Aralyrn City

Pronunciation: ah-ruh-lir-rin
Definition: One of the biggest cities on Risus, built into the coastal glaciers.

Arcaeden Library

Pronunciation: ar-kay-den
Definition: The largest, most extensive library in the universe, located on Acadia Minor.

Arcasion Desert

Pronunciation: ar-kay-shuhn
Definition: A synthetic "desert" constructed over a large portion of rural hills and flatlands on Terra Firma, home to an academic institute, multiple science centers and specially-made parks for scientific experiments.


Pronunciation: ar-dee-zee-ans
Definition: A less evolved quorec race from a universal region called the Gemini Ring.

Arkane Sphere

Pronunciation: ar-kayn
Definition: An interdimensional energy source used to power all universal looking glasses.

Ariel Ilarian

Pronunciation: ah-ree-el il-lar-ree-in
Definition: A legendary warrior from the Cosmic Epoch.


Pronunciation: ar-jac-sis
Definition: A trendy, high-tech social center on Zenon.

Arkanus Library

Pronunciation: ar-can-us
Definition: A small library in the Braekn Woods of Acadia Minor, popular amongst local students.

Arkfel Projector

Pronunciation: arc-fel
Definition: A small object built by early Xilon engineers, capable of producing the strongest forcefield known to exist.


Pronunciation: ahr-lesk
Definition: The natural form of death for the Xilon, a process during which their bodies break down into particles of light and energy and dissipate. Occurs at roughly 50 billion years of age. Also known as bioreversal.

Ashkelon Hills

Pronunciation: ash-kel-on
Definition: A lush, hilly region of Acadia Minor.

Astralaria Lyraenan

Pronunciation: astruh-lar-ree-uh lihr-ay-nen
Definition: A Risean from the late Fusion Aeon, revered as one of the universe's greatest artists.


Pronunciation: ah-thah-lee-uh
Definition: A heavily populated planet with three moons; the first world to be developed by the Athalites and the capitol of Alarahn.


Pronunciation: ah-thuh-lytes
Definition: An ancient cousin species of the Xilon, characterized by scaley dark gold skin, soft colorful hair and huge feathered wings.


Pronunciation: au-ran-jel-ins
Definition: Genetically engineered triplets created by one of the Ancients, who were woven into the fabric of reality and ultimately guide and control all of time and space, including the Xilon themselves, from behind the scenes.


Pronunciation: au-reh-lee-an
Definition: An impoverished planet in the Alpha Chain where the Red Death first appeared.


Pronunciation: ax-seh-del-en-eye
Definition: A Jzesan idiom meaning "lost in time".

Axedalon Mountain

Pronunciation: ax-say-del-on
Definition: A peak in the Hills of Aradaine on Risus, upon which stands a statue of Isejor Xhefr's pegasus, Caspian.


Pronunciation: ax-sel-on
Definition: A quiet, misty and sparsely inhabited planet in Chrysalian, a short ways beyond the central orbit system.


Pronunciation: ax-ee-om
Definition: A grandiose waterfall city carved into the sides of a massive mountain range on Acadia Minor.


Definition: Stands for After Zero Hour, the second half of time.

Azure Ocean

Pronunciation: ah-zhur
Definition: A large body of frozen blue water at the north pole of Risus.


Pronunciation: uh-zeer-ee-uh
Definition: A densely populated indoor city on Zenon, composed of two large towers and a nearby recreation center.



Definition: A necklace, bracelet or other accessory containing a unique metal that tones down or eliminates the visibility of energy radiating from Xilon bodies by giving their crystal shell a more opaque appearance, allowing them to blend in better with other life forms. Also called a kevelesk.


Definition: The natural form of death for the Xilon, a process during which their bodies break down into particles of light and energy and dissipate. Occurs at roughly 50 billion years of age. Also known as arlesk.

Book of Xilon

Definition: The most powerful and important piece of writing to ever be created, "The Book" is a crucial part of Xilon civilization, acting as a guide for all life throughout time and space.


Pronunciation: bray-sin
Definition: A remote farming planet inhabited by carbon-based quorec life forms.

Braekn Woods

Pronunciation: bray-ken
Definition: The largest forest on Acadia Minor and the favored hunting ground of Xilon from all over the galaxy.


Definition: Stands for Before Zero Hour, the first half of existence.



Pronunciation: kyeer-uh-nuh
Definition: The Jzesan term for one million years.

Caebrian Codex

Pronunciation: kay-bree-en
Definition: An ancient document containing some of the most significant Xilon medical advancements.

Caelum Lyricae

Pronunciation: kay-lum lir-ih-keh
Definition: An Expansion Era traveler known for his strange ties to Earth and humanity.

Carthea Xhefr

Pronunciation: car-thay-uh jhef-reh
Definition: A legendary warrior from the Genesis Era; sister of the famous Watchmen leader, Isejor Xhefr.


Pronunciation: car-thay-zee-an
Definition: A large village built on the waters of Zenon, with floating bridges connecting the pieces of the complex.


Pronunciation: cah-spee-in
Definition: The favored pegasus of legendary warrior Isejor Xhefr.

Catacombs of K'Rin

Pronunciation: kuh-rin
Definition: A tomb located on Coridian, housing the remaining particles of energy left behind by the most important Xilon throughout history.


Pronunciation: seh-hah-zayr-lahn
Definition: A lush hilly region of Terra Firma, home to a number of small, cozy villages and an abundance of wildlife and unique plantlife.


Pronunciation: sef-eds
Definition: A violent, bloodthirsty species native to the war-ridden Lost Galaxy in the Alpha Chain.


Pronunciation: seh-reh-brek
Definition: An overpopulated metropolis on the planet R'aijha, where the cybernetics originated, evolved and ultimately rebelled and conquered.

Chamber of Mirrors

Definition: An arrangement of six laurelian-powered mirrors on Zenon, positioned to bounce images of potential timelines off each other.


Pronunciation: croe-muh
Definition: A small uninhabited world near the Xilon System, silver in color with blue rings, known for the oceans of molten metal that cover much of the planet's surface.

Chronospacial Leap

Pronunciation: croe-noe-spay-shul
Definition: Also known as a "jump" or "warp;" the act of a Xilon spiking his or her throxin levels to move instantly through time and/or space.


Pronunciation: krih-say-lee-en
Definition: The galaxy at the center of the Aeradisphere, within which most of the Xilon species resides.

Chryseis Andromeda

Pronunciation: krih-says an-droh-meh-duh
Definition: A scientist known for her ingenuity in the realm of natural technologies, as well as for her eventual and mysterious disappearance.


Pronunciation: kye-mer-ron
Definition: An enormous forest on Acadia Minor.


Pronunciation: sith-rids
Definition: Powerful robots made from margelian (Xilon bone) and imbued with artificial intelligence.

Collision Plane

Definition: A storm of energy set on another plane of existence, which often surrounds powerful rift openings.

Cordoban Sphere

Pronunciation: cor-doe-ban
Definition: A powerful alien cloning device used by scientists on Thedera Major.


Pronunciation: cor-ih-dee-in
Definition: An isolated border planet prone to sandstorms, home to a few small Xilon settlements.


Pronunciation: cor-thoes
Definition: R'aijha's central science and experimentation hub.

Cosmic Mirror

Definition: A large hall on Risus where travelers and historians go to view multiple realities all at once.

The Council

Definition: A revered group of elected elders based out of Corinthia City on Acadia Minor, who are charged with the preservation of all Xilon history, knowledge and secrets, and who work in conjunction with the Watchers and Guardians to ensure that existence does not fall off course.


Pronunciation: cor-drex
Definition: A tiny, furry white dragon with colorful wings, native to Risus.


Pronunciation: cor-drex-uh
Definition: The plural form of cordraex.


Pronunciation: cor-in-thee-uh
Definition: One of the largest, most populated and grandest cities on Acadia Minor, home to the Council of Elders.

Cosmic Epoch

Definition: The eleventh eon of existence, during which the Watchmen began to directly shape the timelines of other life forms, making intentional alterations to the universe.

Crystal Caverns

Definition: A colorful underground labyrinth on Risus, rumored to be inhabited a crystalline species called the Genomorphs.

Crystal Gardens

Definition: A beautiful handmade park on Acadia Minor, built entirely out of crystal over a chrome lake.

Crystalline Trail

Pronunciation: kris-tuh-lyne
Definition: A large natural park on Acadia Minor, where the ground is composed of a smooth reflective metal.



Pronunciation: duh-lac-tins
Definition: An advanced cromagnon species from a parallel version of Earth.

Danelan Adhara

Pronunciation: dan-el-an ahd-har-uh
Definition: A renowned natural scientist from the Age of Enlightenment, native to Zenon, where an aquatic observatory was built in his name.

Danelan Learning Center

Pronunciation: dan-el-an
Definition: A renowned institute for natural sciences, located on Zenon.

Davaran Mountains

Pronunciation: dav-uh-rin
Definition: A volcanic mountain range on Acadia Minor, bordered by the coast and barren flatlands.

Davian Rock

Pronunciation: dav-ee-an
Definition: A small, rocky moon near the border planet Coridian; home to a school and various sparring arenas.


Pronunciation: dax-sus
Definition: The final body of the Xilon System; a colorful rift in space/time that acts as a celestian drain, with the universe slowly disappearing into it until the End of Days.


Pronunciation: del-eer-ee-on
Definition: An uninhabited planetoid in Chrysalian; used by Astra Lyraenan as an art studio during the Fusion Aeon.

The Delta Chain

Definition: A massive storm of nuclear energy that drifts through the core of the Aeradisphere.

Denaraes Pavilion

Pronunciation: den-ar-ays
Definition: A social center in the mountains of Brydn City on Acadia Minor.

Drachaide Galaxy

Pronunciation: droc-khed
Definition: A galaxy inhabited by a variety of sentient species and dominated by the vicious Nyazim.

Draeden River

Pronunciation: dray-den
Definition: A long, calm river that runs through rural Acadia Minor.

Dragon's Cord

Definition: A rare material in the fashion of a rope or chain; the only element strong enough to bind a Xilon.

Drakken City

Pronunciation: drac-en
Definition: A small city nestled into the mountains of Risus.

Dream Dragon

Definition: A small, serpent-like water dragon, native to Zenon.


Pronunciation: dry-uh-dac
Definition: A ferocious carniverous species native to a barren moon in Chrysalian, resembling a cross between a dragon and a scorpion.


Pronunciation: dry-uh-dac-rayn
Definition: A volcanic moon on the outskirts of Chrysalian, where the dryadaks originated.


Pronunciation: dil-ac-tris
Definition: A highly advanced parallel version of Earth in Universe Qar, inhabited by a cromagnon-like species, the Dalactyns.


Early Days

Definition: The second eon of existence, marked by a series of brutal tribal wars amongst the Xilon, the eventual progression towards a united Xilon civilization and the formation of the Eldenkraenm.


Pronunciation: el-den-kray-nem
Definition: A clan of explorers formed by young Xilon during the Early Days, who were responsible for most of the civilization's major advancements, and for writing the Book of Xilon.

End of Days

Definition: The final eon of the universal timeline, marked by the decline of Xilon civilization and the end of existence.

Epiphany Lake

Definition: A popular social area of the border planet Coridian.

Eridanthius Park

Pronunciation: air-ih-dan-thee-us
Definition: A large park in the Hills of Aradaine on Risus.

Eridanus Fornax

Pronunciation: air-ih-dan-us
Definition: A vast, dark chasm that functions as a dimensional trap.

Eridanus Kytheran

Pronunciation: air-ih-dan-us kye-ther-in
Definition: A rogue warrior from the Cosmic Epoch, known for manipulating timelines against the will of the Council.

Eternal Young

Definition: A nickname for Lucian Markaena after premature bioreversal resulted in the inability to die naturally.


Pronunciation: ay-thor-ee-uh
Definition: A high tech community on Risus, built on the edge of the Fresian Valley.

Expansion Era

Definition: The fifth eon of existence during which the Xilon become more directly involved with countless other life forms and civilizations.



Pronunciation: fal-cor
Definition: A large, black dragon; leader of the Earth dragon species.

Fallen Sun

Definition: An archaic term for the supernova Geminius.


Pronunciation: fah-ruh-layn
Definition: A magnetic biological substance left over when certain life forms die.

Final Moments

Definition: The very end of existence itself, as the final remnants of the universe hurtle into Daxxus.


Pronunciation: fray-fyor
Definition: The beloved gryphon companion of legendary scientist Mars Xidonis.


Definition: A war-ridden planet in the Drachaide galaxy, dominated by the Nyazim.

Fresian Rift

Pronunciation: free-shuhn
Definition: A massive dimensional fault line similar in nature to Daxxus, located in the Karacan Galaxy.

Fresian Valley

Pronunciation: free-shuhn
Definition: A heavily populated region of Risus, home to the Fresian Learning Centre, the largest primary studies institute in the orbit system, and a few smaller communities.

The Frosty Leo

Definition: The largest ice storm in the Aeradisphere, which drifts through Chrysalian in a seasonal pattern.

Fusion Aeon

Definition: The sixth stage of existence, during which the Xilon increasingly incorporated aspects of alien cultures into their own lives.



Pronunciation: gan-da-ruh-noc
Definition: One of the most horrifying battlefields on Zreda Minor; home of the ancient Syrilien vault.

Garadrian Park

Pronunciation: gar-rad-ree-an
Definition: A large riverside park on Kappa Crucis near the Andalasian Cascade.

Garden of Isis

Definition: A park and recreational center in the Ra'hdlor Hills on Acadia Minor.

Gemini Jonderian

Pronunciation: jem-in-eye jon-day-ree-in
Definition: Also known as Jonde (jon-dee). A young Guardian from the Ionic Era.

Gemini Ring

Pronunciation: jem-in-eye
Definition: A colorful, densely populated region of space known for its Jovian planets.


Pronunciation: jem-in-ee-us
Definition: A massive supernova, the seventh member of the Xilon System.

Genesis Era

Definition: The third eon of existence, marked by the biological evolution of the Xilon and major social developments such as the formation of the Universal Watchmen and the creation of the Book of Xilon.


Pronunciation: jen-oe-morfs
Definition: A crystalline species rumored to inhabit a network of underground caves on Risus.


Definition: A Xilon hovercraft for travel over planet surfaces.


Pronunciation: gray-den
Definition: A populous region of Zenon, home to one of the planet's largest learning centers.

The Great Destruction

Definition: A cataclysmic event that resulted in the devastation of over 500 billion stars and planets, and the formation of the Isop nebula.


Definition: The military branch of the Universal Watchmen; a massive Xilon organization that exists throughout time and space, made up of Watchers and Warriors who protect the progression of the universe.

Guardians of the Rift

Definition: Mythic "lost" Xilon from the earliest tribal days, whose unchecked pride led to such destruction of the timelines that they wiped out their own existence. Told as a children's fable.


Haydn Antarius

Pronunciation: hay-den an-tahr-ee-us
Definition: An explorer from the Age of Enlightenment, who unlocked the infamous river furnace.


Pronunciation: hex-ayn
Definition: Communication chords woven throughout the Xilon body, used to speak their natural language, Aradaesian.

Hills of Aradaine

Pronunciation: ar-uh-dyne
Definition: A vast hilly region of Risus, known for its beautiful ice trees and open, untouched snowscape.

The Horde

Definition: A swarm race of violent beasts that lived to murder and wreak havoc until the Athalites wiped them out.


Pronunciation: hye-druh
Definition: A war-ridden planet in the Lost Galaxy, inhabited by the Terelians, known for its blood red sky and enormous red rivers.


Ice Crawler

Definition: A miniature white dragon with smooth, hard skin rather than scales; native to Risus.

Ionic Era

Definition: The fourth eon of existence during which the Xilon made huge biological and technological advancements.


Pronunciation: eye-on-eye-zer
Definition: A torture device that sends a Xilon's particles of energy into disarray, causing excruciating pain.


Pronunciation: eye-zayv
Definition: A lost planet that was wiped out of existence by a massive cosmic storm.

Isejor Xhefr

Pronunciation: ih-say-jhor jhef-reh
Definition: Also known as Xhef and the Prince of Acadia, a legendary leader of the Watchmen during the Genesis Era.

Isop Nebula

Pronunciation: eye-sop
Definition: The largest nebula in the Aeradisphere, formed from the debris of the Great Destruction.

Isop Ring

Pronunciation: eye-sop
Definition: The original core of the Aeradisphere, a cluster of over 500 billion stars and planets that was destroyed by a massive chain reaction to ultimately form Chrysalian and the Isop nebula.


Jacinth Heliodor

Pronunciation: jah-sinth heel-ee-uh-door
Definition: A leader of the Risean sector of the mythic crystalline race.


Pronunciation: jay-mun
Definition: An Athalite protector from the End of Days.

Jaest Village

Pronunciation: jayst
Definition: A small stilted village in the Zenon waterscape.

Jamun Kaal

Pronunciation: jah-mun khal
Definition: A volcanic region of the Davaran Mountains on Acadia Minor.


Pronunciation: jon-lay
Definition: A teacher during the Fusion Aeon who helped to foster Acacia Rhaeticon's interest in dragons.


Pronunciation: ja-veh-den
Definition: One of the larger Xilon clans native to Risus; also the area they inhabit, the Javedan Forest.

Javedan's Mirror

Pronunciation: ja-veh-den
Definition: A section of the eerie crystal caves on Risus, said to have a hypnotic effect on anyone who looks into it.


Pronunciation: jeb-or-ac
Definition: A poet or storyteller; the Xilon equivalent of a bard.

Jeborak Sun

Pronunciation: jeb-or-ac
Definition: A star that resided on the edge of the Isop Ring in the early days, eventually breaking down to form the supernova Geminius.


Pronunciation: jed-ih-kuh
Definition: A residential section of Corinthia, one of the largest cities on Acadia Minor.


Pronunciation: jed-ric
Definition: Leader of a Cepheid pack on Zreda Minor.


Pronunciation: jem-mihr-uh-den
Definition: A lush mountainous region of Kappa Crucis.

Jenaure Complex

Pronunciation: jhen-au-ruh
Definition: A high tech recreational center in the Hills of Aradaine on Risus.


Pronunciation: jeh-ren-ahr-nox
Definition: A residential region of Kappa Crucis, home to a large science institute.

Jevlin Learning Center

Definition: A respected technical studies school on Zenon.


Pronunciation: jon-dee
Definition: Nickname of Gemini Jonderian.


Pronunciation: joth-uh
Definition: The Jzesan term for one thousand years.


Definition: Also known as a "chronospacial leap" or "warp;" the act of a Xilon spiking his or her throxin levels to move instantly through time and/or space.


Pronunciation: jher-ay-yel
Definition: A famous Watcher from Risus, mate of the warrior Isejor Xhefr.

Jzeran Desert

Pronunciation: jher-an
Definition: A vast, misty desert on Terra Firma, populated by small settlements.


Pronunciation: jheh-zen
Definition: The written language of the Xilon, often spoken when traveling or amongst outsiders.


Pronunciation: jhuh-vel-zuh
Definition: A powerful form of energy that makes up the core of the Athalite body and allows them to move through space.

Jzriflyc Ocean

Pronunciation: jhrif-lic
Definition: The largest body of water on Kappa Crucis.



Pronunciation: kah-layn
Definition: A carbon-based planet in a remote region of space, whose timeline was obliterated by Leo Zakryn at the start of the Ionic Age.

Kadhra Montaeryn

Pronunciation: kay-druh mon-tay-ren
Definition: A fierce warrior; sister of the infamous Kyren Montaeryn.


Pronunciation: kahl-rayn
Definition: A desert region of the border planet Coridian, known for its sudden bursts of electrified sandstorms.

Kaos Orb

Definition: A destructive sphere of energy spanning two conflicting realities.

Kappa Crucian

Pronunciation: cap-uh croo-shun
Definition: A native of Kappa Crucis, often distinguished by bright orange hair streaked with darker colors and gray eyes.

Kappa Crucis

Pronunciation: cap-uh croo-sis
Definition: The third planet of the Xilon System, known for its exaggerated fairy tale-like appearance.

Karacan Galaxy

Pronunciation: kah-roc-in
Definition: A large, densely populated galaxy in the war-torn Alpha Chain.

Karadria Prime

Pronunciation: kah-rod-ree-uh
Definition: A little known star far outside the Aeradisphere that died out and froze over.

Karadria System

Pronunciation: kah-rod-ree-uh
Definition: A star and planet cluster far beyond the Aeradisphere.


Pronunciation: kah-trah-luh
Definition: An Athalite female from the End of Days who was caught up in the events of the Xilon Wars.

Keraelen Cove

Pronunciation: keh-ray-len
Definition: A quiet cove in the Roft Mountains on Terra Firma.


Pronunciation: keh-veh-lesk
Definition: A necklace, bracelet or other accessory containing a unique metal that tones down or eliminates the visibility of energy radiating from Xilon bodies by giving their crystal shell a more opaque appearance, allowing them to blend in better with other life forms. Also called a biodimmer.

Khalikhe Airikin

Pronunciation: kuh-leek-uh ar-ih-kin
Definition: A Rydkian child from the End of Days, who sacrificed himself to restore the timeline.


Pronunciation: keh-jhel-den
Definition: A crystal storage device that contains projectable images and/or information. May range greatly in size, some fitting in the palm of the hand while others are not easily portable.


Pronunciation: keh-jhih-min
Definition: A large crystal sphere created by Mars Xidonis that allows the user to locate and view anyone, anywhere in the universe, any place in time. Also known as a universal looking glass.


Pronunciation: kil-ee-els
Definition: A sentient metallic species that originated within the Aeradisphere and inhabited the Xarmn galaxy for many eons.


Pronunciation: nox-say-deh-lon
Definition: A large community center in Drakken City on Risus.

Kolhmanax Village

Pronunciation: cole-man-ax
Definition: A rural village along the Draeden River on Acadia Minor.


Pronunciation: cray-chen
Definition: A substance akin to adrenaline, present throughout Cepheid bodies.


Pronunciation: krit-ee-ohn
Definition: The Xilon equivalent of a female.


Pronunciation: krit-ee-ohn-ee
Definition: The plural form of krtiyon.


Pronunciation: kril
Definition: A Cepheid from Zreda Minor, close friend of the great Xilon warrior Carthea.

Ktaran Jzesanec

Pronunciation: kih-tar-en jez-an-ec
Definition: A linguist from the Early Days, who created the Xilon written language.


Pronunciation: kif-rah
Definition: Art or literature created by "energy burning," where the text or images are literally burned (via a Xilon's internal energy) onto a solid canvas, usually metal or stone.


Pronunciation: kye-ruh
Definition: A cybernetic-Xilon hybrid created during the Cosmic Epoch.


Pronunciation: keer-uh-myne
Definition: A large Cepheid city on Zreda Minor, devastated by endless civil war.

Kyren Montaeryn

Pronunciation: kye-ren mon-tay-ren
Definition: An artist from the Reckoning, forced by his family to become a Guardian with disastrous results.

Kythera Xhefr

Pronunciation: kye-ther-uh jhef-reh
Definition: A Xilon warrior from the Cosmic Epoch, sent to be raised by the Athalites as a child.



Pronunciation: luh-reh-lee-an
Definition: The immensely powerful plasma from which the Aeradisphere is predominantly composed.

Learning Center

Definition: A Xilon school or training institute.

Leo Zakryn

Pronunciation: lee-oe zak-uh-rin
Definition: An infamous hunter from the early Ionic Era, pioneer of the external use of throxin.

Lharela Park

Pronunciation: luh-reh-luh
Definition: A beautiful park in a valley on Acadia Minor.

Light of Lucifer

Definition: The largest fire storm to be found within the Aeradisphere, drifting along the borders of Chrysalian.


Pronunciation: lye-kyuh
Definition: The upper left Xilon heart, functioning primarily as a backup energy reserve that aids the species' high levels of endurance.


Pronunciation: loke-lon-tays
Definition: An R-Class species native to R'aijha, who created and were ultimately conquered by the vicious cybernetics.

Lost Galaxy

Definition: A galaxy in a universal region called the Alpha Chain, known for its war-ridden worlds and violent inhabitants.


Pronunciation: loo-shin
Definition: A frozen star planet known for the seasonal shadows of its North Pole.

Lucian Markaena

Pronunciation: loo-shin mar-kay-nuh
Definition: A hunter from the AZH years, famous for a personal time/space lapse that left him unable to die naturally.


Pronunciation: loo-kay-nin
Definition: A vast, lushy mountain range on Terra Firma.


Pronunciation: lye-dreh-lyte
Definition: A peaceful species whose children were taken for experimentation by their violent planetary neighbors.


Pronunciation: lye-dric
Definition: An Athalite scientist and teacher from the End of Days who got caught up the events of the Xilon Wars.


Pronunciation: leer-en
Definition: The Jzesan term for one billion years.

The Lyrian Core

Pronunciation: leer-ee-en
Definition: A distant universal region full of high tech planets and advanced life forms.


Pronunciation: leer-ih-kuh
Definition: A sprawling mountain range on Kappa Crucis.



Pronunciation: mar-jel-ee-an
Definition: The crystalic material that makes up the Xilon skeletal structure.


Pronunciation: mar-kay-nen
Definition: A rural village nestled into the Lyricae Mountains on Kappa Crucis.

Mars Xidonis

Pronunciation: zye-don-is
Definition: The single most famous most famous Xilon scientist, philosopher and scholar of all time.


Pronunciation: mel-an-thee-ose
Definition: A planet in the Gemini Ring with a chlorine atmosphere, inhabited by G-Class life forms.


Pronunciation: mair-ay-dens
Definition: One of the two species waging a brutal civil war in the Karacan Galaxy.

Mercury Center

Definition: A spiritual retreat and specialized learning center on Acadia Minor.


Definition: Refers to a species or civilization that has made significant intellectual, technological and/or social developments but is still in the comparatively early stages of biological and cultural evolution.

Middle Years

Definition: The seventh eon of existence, which marks the start of the second half of time and during which a number of extremely important Xilon were born.

Mobius Spiral

Pronunciation: moe-bee-us
Definition: A transdimensional tunnel that runs through the shell of the Aeradisphere, creating a pathway between the universe within and the multiverse beyond.


Pronunciation: moc-tuh-hahr
Definition: The Cepheid mating process.


Pronunciation: mah-ruh-kree
Definition: A wild animal resembling a dragon-wolf hybrid, from which the Cepheid species evolved.

Mount Graeden

Pronunciation: gray-den
Definition: A peak in the Chymeron forest of Acadia Minor, where the eldest of the Ancients lived.


Pronunciation: mye-kin
Definition: A star system plagued by a deadly disease, originally wiped out by Isejor Xhefr and then saved after time was reset.



Pronunciation: nef-lin
Definition: A barren moon near the border planet Coridian.


Pronunciation: nye-luh
Definition: A Dalactyn female from Qar Sol, love interest of Kyren Montaeryn.

Nkllon Airikin

Pronunciation: nik-klon ar-ih-kin
Definition: A Rydkian from the End of Days who played a major role in resetting the alternate timeline that caused the Xilon Wars.


Pronunciation: nih-kree
Definition: The middle Xilon heart; the body's central life force which, if pierced, can result in immediate death.


Pronunciation: noc-tern
Definition: A large war-ridden Cepheid city on Zreda Minor.


Pronunciation: noz-lins
Definition: A violent species aided by Mars Xidonis, who stole the children of their neighboring race for experimentation.

Nyakris Village

Pronunciation: nye-ak-ris
Definition: A quiet marshland in rural Acadia Minor.


Pronunciation: nye-ark-uh
Definition: A planetoid where the entire surface is covered with a thick tar-like substance, underneath which is a vast network of tunnels and caverns, and not a single speck of light.


Pronunciation: nye-aa-zim
Definition: A highly evolved dragon species from the Drachaide galaxy.

Nyimian Shock Wave

Pronunciation: nih-yih-mee-an
Definition: A cataclysmic shock wave of incomprehensible scale, produced by major time/space collisions such as the creation or shifting of a dimensional rift, which can lead to widespread rapid cosmic creation or total destruction.


Pronunciation: nye-klayn
Definition: A large, dark red bar that serves as a primary food source for many on the Cepheid planet Zreda Minor.


Pronunciation: nye-rax
Definition: A residential community on a peninsula in the White River region of Kappa Crucis.



Pronunciation: oe-shee-an-ee-uh
Definition: An uninhabited planet in Chrysalian, so named for its stormy blue skies that look like rolling waves.


Definition: The one and only timeline that the Xilon are never meant to travel.

Origins Era

Definition: The first eon of existence during which parts of the universe, including the Aeradisphere, formed, and the first groups of Xilon appeared.

Orion Roarkdn

Pronunciation: oe-rye-un roar-kih-den
Definition: A famous explorer whose adventures while searching for the Origin timeline came to be used as a tale of the beginnings of the Xilon species.



Pronunciation: fin-ih-truh
Definition: A dead planet on the edge of Chrysalian, terraformed to hold the last of the Earth dragons.

Prince of Acadia

Definition: A nickname for the legendary warrior Isejor Xhefr.


Pronunciation: teh-ruh-kayn
Definition: The homeworld of the Middleground civilization that terraformed the planet on which Eridanus Kytheran lived for a time.


Pronunciation: teh-ror-ac
Definition: A mechanical planet in the Lyrian Core, built from the core outwards.


Qar Sol

Pronunciation: cohr sole
Definition: A heavily populated parallel version of the Solar System in Universe Qar, with the same sun but a number of different planets.


Pronunciation: cohr-ic
Definition: An advanced Xilonoid biped or triped of any biochemical composition, with at least two arms (sometimes six or more), a torso and head.


Ra'hdlor Hills

Pronunciation: ra-had-lor
Definition: A hilly, wooded region of rural Acadia Minor, home to several villages and parks.


Pronunciation: rah-huh-jhah
Definition: A planet near the Aeradisphere, dominated by a cybernetic race.

Rafa Kyveryk

Pronunciation: raf-uh kiv-er-ik
Definition: A Kappa Crucian Watcher from the Middle Years with a brain mutation that allowed him to view different points in time and space, effectively seeing the future.


Pronunciation: rax-sus
Definition: The most highly revered secondary learning center for hunters and warriors, located on Acadia Minor.


Definition: The tenth eon of existence, marked by the mysterious deaths or disappearances of multiple Xilon of importance.

Red Death

Definition: A horrific plague that causes children and young adults to bleed from the mouth, nose, eyes, ears and fingernails until they are left as little more than the living dead.

Rhetlan Learning Center

Pronunciation: ret-len
Definition: A fancy technology institute on Acadia Minor.


Pronunciation: rif-lone
Definition: A cozy village in a field on Kappa Crucis.

Rift Nebula

Definition: A colorful nebula that drifts through the Xilon System.


Pronunciation: ris-sayn
Definition: A small ice planet with a red moon, found in the Early Days of the Xilon System, which ultimately broke down to form the fourth central planet, Zenon.


Pronunciation: rih-sus
Definition: A planet made of solid ice, the second body of the Xilon System.

Roft Mountains

Definition: A quite mountain range on Terra Firma; home of the Roft Learning Center and Keraelen Cove.

Rogue Rock

Definition: A popular landmark on Zenon where the water is especially shallow.


Pronunciation: rye-dek
Definition: A green and blue Earth-like world near the vortex of the Aeradisphere's inner lining, popular for personal retreats, training exercises and social events.


Pronunciation: rye-dak-ee-in
Definition: A resident of the border planet Rydk.

Rydn Park

Pronunciation: rye-den
Definition: A large residental region of Zenon.

Rydn Park Acadia

Pronunciation: rye-den
Definition: A major social center in a desert region of Acadia Minor.

Rydn Forest

Pronunciation: rye-den
Definition: A lush, heavily populated forest region of Kappa Crucis.

Ryona Village

Pronunciation: rye-oe-nuh
Definition: One of the smaller, outermost villages of Tracor Mountain on Acadia Minor.


Sal City

Pronunciation: sahl
Definition: The North Continent capitol of Dylactris.


Pronunciation: saf-fir-in-ih-kuh
Definition: An ancient planet where, according to Athalite mythology, the first of their kind was created; a place of pilgrimage and cherished history for the species.

Sarajzys Learning Center

Pronunciation: sahr-ah-jhis
Definition: A primary studies learning center on Davian Rock.


Pronunciation: sef-lin
Definition: A Cepheid from Zreda Minor; Kryl's cousin.

Seredan Falls

Pronunciation: ser-eh-dan
Definition: One of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the Xilon System, located on Terra Firma.


Pronunciation: shor-uh
Definition: The common language of the Cepheids.

Short Form

Definition: A colloquial form of Aradaesian, the primary spoken language of the Xilon.


Pronunciation: shy-lof-ee-en
Definition: An uninhabited planet in the Lost Galaxy, famous for its deadly quicksand bogs.

Space Drift

Definition: Cosmic drift wood; flotsam and jetsom that lands on various planets from other regions of space.

Spacial Disruptor

Definition: A Xilon firearm that obliterates the bonds between a being's energy particles, blowing them into pieces. Being made entirely of energy themselves, Xilon can recover from such a shot by coalescing (reforming their physical shell) but it takes a significant amount of time.


Pronunciation: sih-rih-len
Definition: A subspecies of the Cepheids, devoted to science and progression, who mastered their predisposition to violence and sought to change the world but were destroyed during the unending wars.


Pronunciation: sih-rih-lee-en
Definition: An ancient dialect of the Cepheid language.


Tarmn Antarius

Pronunciation: tah-ruh-min
Definition: Father of Haydn Antarius; disappeared while searching for Eridanus Fornax.


Pronunciation: tah-roes
Definition: A small ice village in a hilly rural region of Risus.


Pronunciation: teh-rel-ee-ins
Definition: Savage inhabitants of the planet Hydra in the Lost Galaxy.

Terra Firma

Pronunciation: teh-ruh fihr-muh
Definition: The central, largest and most populated planet of the Xilon System, around which the other seven bodies revolve. Often referred to simply as "Terra" or "Xilon".

Terra Firman

Pronunciation: teh-ruh fihr-man
Definition: A native of the planet Terra Firma, distinguished by bright, vivid rainbow colored hair and black or rust colored eyes.

Terran Guard

Definition: A contingent of the Xilon Watchmen assigned to monitor and respond to events within the Aeradisphere.


Definition: Also known as the Thalin Flatlands, the only populated desert region of Kappa Crucis.


Pronunciation: thal-oes
Definition: A planet lost for an unidentified amount of time within the Fresian Rift, ultimately responsible for the evolution of human beings after colliding with Earth.


Definition: A physical attribute of the Cepheid species: rough patches on the back of the hands, palms and soles of the feet that function as gravitational redirectors or adhesives.

Thedera Major

Pronunciation: theh-day-ruh
Definition: The primary homeworld of the Cordoban species, located in the Sol System of Universe Qar.


Definition: An extremely powerful variant of radioactive energy that makes up the majority of Xilon biology. It is also the substance that allows them to move through time and space.

Throxin Catalyst

Definition: A specially engineered device for dangerous Xilon that is surgically implanted into the zaelek (the heart responsible for time/space movement), either limiting or entirely preventing chronospacial jumps by blocking the heart's access to throxin. If the individual tries to remove it, all three hearts fail, resulting in death.

Topaz Aventurine

Pronunciation: toe-paz av-en-toor-ryne
Definition: A leader of the Risean sector of the Aeradian crystalline race.

Tracor Mountain

Pronunciation: tray-cor
Definition: A huge city in the mountains of Acadia Minor, known for having the highest population of any residential region of the Xilon worlds.

Traeban Markaena

Pronunciation: tray-ben mar-kay-nuh
Definition: A Risean from the AZH years, revered for his high impact work with Xilon wildlife.


Pronunciation: trek-deh
Definition: An object that serves as a powerful source of energy, developed by the Kyramine soldiers on Zreda Minor.


Pronunciation: troy-lic
Definition: A unique metallic substance used in Xilon biodimmers, to alter the visibility of the body's emitted energy.


Universal Looking Glass

Definition: A large crystal sphere that allows the user to locate and view anyone, anywhere in the universe, any place in time. Also known as a khejzmyn.

Universal Region

Definition: A collection of galaxies, star clusters, nebulae and celestial events, separated from other such regions by vast stretches of empty space.

Universal Watchmen

Definition: The members of the primary organization of Xilon warriors, specially trained to observe the "bigger picture" of the universe's progression and ensure that it stays on its intended course.

Universe Prime

Definition: The original core reality of existence, from which all parallel/alternate realities of the multiverse stem, with the exception of the Aeradisphere, which stands alone in its own separate reality.

Universe Qar

Pronunciation: cohr
Definition: A parallel reality similar to Universe Prime but far more advanced, with different evolutionary paths.

Universe Zhet

Definition: A parallel universe characterized by dead, barren versions of the worlds in Universe Prime.



Definition: Also known as a "jump" or "chronospacial leap;" the act of a Xilon spiking his or her throxin levels to move instantly through time and/or space.


Definition: Xilon who spend their entire lives studying and understanding the universe in ways that others can't, guiding their people to protect and preserve its proper course.


Definition: An interdimensional pit stop with a single locked timeline, used as a meeting point for Xilon connecting from all over time and space.


Definition: A universally revered four-dimensional work of art created by Astralaria Lyraenan during the Fusion Aeon.


Xaren Xhefr

Pronunciation: zar-en jhef-ruh
Definition: A Rydkian from the End of Days who discovered the impending disaster leading to the Xilon Wars.


Pronunciation: zar-min
Definition: A small galaxy within the Aeradisphere, most heavily populated by the tribal Kilyels.


Pronunciation: jhef
Definition: A nickname for Isejor Xhefr.


Pronunciation: zye-lon
Definition: May refer to a single member of the Xilon species, the Xilon species as a whole, the planet Terra Firma, or the Xilon orbit system.

Xilon System

Pronunciation: zye-lon
Definition: The 8-body orbit system at the heart of the Chrysalian galaxy, known as the hub of Xilon civilization.



Pronunciation: zak-uh-rin
Definition: A small moon near the border planet Coridian.


Pronunciation: zay-lik
Definition: The upper left Xilon heart, which controls the power to move through space/time and, if damaged, may limit or completely eliminate that individual's teleportation abilities.


Pronunciation: zye-en
Definition: The Jzesan term for one trillian years.


Pronunciation: zak-uh-rin
Definition: The name of a large Risean clan and their local training center for advanced hunters and warriors.

Zederek Village

Pronunciation: zeh-deh-rek
Definition: A remote cave village on Axelon.


Pronunciation: zed-ruh
Definition: Younger brother of the explorer Orion Roarkdn.

Zero Hour

Definition: The exact middle point of the universe's 400 trillion year life span.

Zeta Five

Pronunciation: zay-tuh
Definition: The Xilon sun, characterized by a yellow-orange core with colorful tendrils flaring out.

Zenith City

Pronunciation: zee-nith
Definition: A high tech city on Zenon.


Pronunciation: zeh-nen
Definition: The fourth central planet of the Xilon System, where most of the landmass is submerged under the water.


Pronunciation: zeh-nuh-nite
Definition: A native of Zenon, distinguished by blueish hair, streaked with brighter colors, and red eyes.


Pronunciation: zeth-ris
Definition: The third Xilon gender, somewhere in between male and female.


Pronunciation: zeth-ray
Definition: The plural form of zethres.


Pronunciation: zoe-zer
Definition: Leader of a sect of highly evolved Acadian dragons.

Zreda Minor

Pronunciation: zray-duh
Definition: A dismal post-apocalyptic planet decimated by civil war and inhabited by the violent Cepheid species.

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