Spoken Language

The Xilon have four distinct ways of communicating:

Aradaesian - Long Form

The primary form of communication and official Xilon language is a tonal speech that can be conveyed in both long form and short form. The long form is more formal and extremely complicated to learn. It consists of multiple reverberating musical notes being emitted simultaneously, with a range of different keys and pitches, each held for different lengths of time, hitting different intonations. These tones somewhat resemble the sound of natural guitar harmonics, albeit far more powerful. They come from a set of vocal chords called hexeine, which weave throughout the entire body. The proper combination of notes results in a complete sentence or general idea.

Aradaesian - Short Form

Short form is the Xilon equivalent of sign langauge, composed of energy emissions that flash in a pattern in relation to a series of hand signals. The proper strength, length and spectrum of light flashed from the proper part of the body in conjunction with the proper hand motion forms a specific word or concept. Much faster and easier to do, short form is used in environments where normal speech is not possible (such as a vacuum) or when there is a need for silent communication (e.g. while hunting, on a mission or visiting alien worlds incognito).


The third Xilon language is Jzesan, which is a verbal interpretation of the written language. It is used primarily for reading, writing, and when around aliens who might be put off by the aural overload that Aradaesian calls for.


The final form of communication, which translates literally to "mindspeak," is not directly spoken. It is a telepathic dialect used to surpass the limitations of verbal language, used primarily for long distance conversations and intimate moments. Through araitaks, individuals can channel flashes of images and emotions rather than spoken words, allowing for a deeply personal connection.

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