Xilon Names

Xilon Names

The Xilon naming system is fairly straightforward and followed by all members of the species as an unbreakable tradition. Each name consists of four distinct parts.

First Name

Taken from any planet or astronomical object or event that happens to be at its base point at the time of birth. For example, a Xilon born when Risus is at its primary location might be given the first name Risus.

Second Name

The carrier parent's family/clan name passed down from the ancient tribal days.

Third Name

The regional location in which the child was born. For example, if a child is born in the village of Seredan Falls on Terra Firma, his or her third name would be Seredan.

Fourth Name

May only ever be one of two options - Zenon for aljzrace, Geminius for krtiyoni, or either one for zethrae.

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