The Xilon Species

The Xilon

image The Xilon are one of two immensely powerful beings that inhabit the Aeradisphere. They have been around since the dawn of time, remain until the very end, and are the most biologically advanced species in existence. They are also among the most socially, intellectually and technologically advanced societies in the universe, rivaled only by a few other cultures throughout time and space.

Due to their intense energetic composition, the Xilon are able to move through space/time as if all of existence is a single open door with multiple corridors branching out from it. With one step, they can go from a planet at the beginning of time to an asteroid in a parallel universe at the very end of days. These maneuvers are known as chronospacial leaps, jumps or warps and are a defining feature of Xilon life.

The species' ability to travel through time, space and reality itself makes them natural watchers and guardians of the outside universe. Crossing one's own timeline is strictly forbidden barring the most extreme emergencies, but the rest of time and space is open to anyone who cares to travel and many youths spend centuries training to be universal explorers, studying the histories, cultures, customs and languages of trillions of other planets and life forms in order to best understand and protect the universe, and to keep the time/space progression on track.

Although vehemently opposed to senseless violence, the Xilon consider it their ultimate responsibility to ensure that creation moves forward as it's meant to and will take extreme measures, whenever necessary, to prevent any interference with its intended path. Biology and Physical Appearance  >>

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