Facts and Stats

Facts and Stats

image • Because they are pure energy, all Xilon, regardless of age, gender, or build possess the same inherent strength.

• They are almost entirely indestructable and impervious to harm, and can only be killed prematurely if their middle heart, the nkree, is pierced.

• They only grow physically older until a certain point (anywhere between the equivalent of late teens to early 30s), and then plateau. Dying of old age does not mean physical deterioation leading up to that point.

image • When it is their time to die, there is no physical pain. They simply break up into particles of light and dissipate in a process called arlesk.

• Their life spans last approximately 50 lyren each. One lyren is equivalent to one billion Earth years.

• The multiverse includes countless realities spanning time and space; however, it does not extend past the borders of the Aeradisphere and there is no alternate Aeradian timeline. Unlike the universe beyond, Xilon existence occurs in only one place, along a single nonlinear path.

• There are approximately 12 billion Xilon in existence at any given time.

• Roughly 97% of the population eventually travels to and explores the outside universe in some capacity, while 3% never leaves the Aeradisphere.

• Of those who have traveled universally, 11% return to the Aeradisphere with no interest in ever leaving again and 81% ultimately return but travel and interact with the outside world regularly. 8% spend their entire lives traveling, returning home only for short visits here and there. Spoken Language  >>

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