The Universal Timeline


A timeline covering the 12 eons of existence, and significant events throughout time and space.

Origins Era | Early Days | Genesis Era | Ionic Era | Expansion Era | Fusion Aeon
Middle Years | Age of Degeneration | Age of Enlightenment | Reckoning | Cosmic Epoch | End of Days


(0 BZH - 3Z`3C2`4 BZH)


- The universe begins

- Large clusters of matter seep into existence through rifts across the universe. Large clusters of matter seep into existence through rifts across the universe


- The Fresian Rift opens

- Fresion Rift emanates the first Nyimian shock wave

- Shock wave rapidly forces groups of matter together

1L07 BZH

- First Nyimian shock wave causes stars and planetoids to form throughout the universe

- Shock wave tears a rift in reality; Daxxus is formed

6L15 BZH

- Aeradisphere begins to form around Daxxus


- Aeradisphere formation ends

- Sealing of the Sphere causes the second Nyimian shock wave

1Z`5C`1J2 BZH

- Second Nyimian shock wave reaches the Isop Ring

- The Great Destruction begins

1Z`5C`1J5`6 BZH

- The Great Destruction ends

- Remnants of the Isop Ring form the Isop Nebula

1Z`6L0 BZH

- Sphere's gravity core draws in parts of the Isop Nebula to form Chrysalian galaxy

1Z`9L98 BZH

- Terra Firma forms at the center of the Sphere

- Planetoids and celestial fragments are drawn towards the central planet


- Risus is formed from fragments of the Frosty Leo and drawn into orbit around Terra


- Kappa Crucis forms and is drawn towards Terra Firma

2Z`1L2`1C6 BZH

- Geminius goes nova; remnants are drawn to the central orbit system

2Z`1L5 BZH

- Risaen and its moon are drawn into orbit around Kappa Crucis

2Z`6L7 BZH

- Acadia Major is drawn into the central orbit path from across the galaxy

2Z`1L02`4 BZH

- Flare from Geminius hits Risaen, causing massive planetary meltdown; Zenon is born

2Z`7L08 BZH

- Acadia Major collides with the Delta Chain

- Chunks of rock from Acadia Major slam into Zenon's moon

- Zenon's moon is torn apart by gravitational strain; debris forms Zenon's rings

3Z`3C2`4 BZH

- The first Xilon appear throughout Chrysalian; inherent ability to warp through space


(3Z`3C2`4 BZH - 2Z8`2J1`7 BZH)


- Procreation occurs; isolated Xilon tribes form across the galaxy

- The first Athalites appear throughout Alarahn; inherent ability to warp through space


- The tribal wars begin in a fight for control of territories throughout Chrysalian

- The Athalite monarchy is established in Alarahn

3Z`2L2`7C BZH

- The first Xilon are born with wings

4Z`7J2 BZH

- The Xilon tribal wars expand beyond Chrysalian

- The Athalites leave the Aeradisphere

8Z`1L9`8C`1 BZH

- Mars Xidonis appears with the first khejzmyn

- The wars end; initial treaties are written up

8Z`7L5 BZH

- The central planets unite; the first Acadian Council is formed

2Z7`9L70 BZH

- A group of young Xilon form the Eldenkraenm and travel beyond the Aeradisphere

2Z7`9L82 BZH

- Aeradian time travel technology is developed

- The members of the Eldenkraenm begin to explore the past and future

- The Jzesan language is created

2Z8`3 BZH

- The Aurangelyns are created by Lyrican of the Eldenkraenm

2Z8`2J1 BZH

- The Aurangelyns create the Aldraaken Sphere


(2Z8`2J1`7 BZH - 7Z0`7L BZH)

2Z8`2J1`7 BZH

- The first Xilon is born with the ability to warp through time

- Younger Xilon no longer physically age

2Z8`2L`1 BZH

- The Eldenkraenm takes over as the leading Council for the central worlds

2Z8`1L8`4C9 BZH

- The Book of Xilon is written and time-locked in Corinthia

- The society of the Universal Watchmen is formed

2Z8`2L0`5J BZH

- The members of the Eldenkraenm die out

- The third Acadian Council is formed

2Z8`3L3`2C BZH

- Isejor Xhefr visits The Ancient

2Z8`3L3`5C`7J4 BZH

- The last of the Eldenkraenm dies

3Z7`4L1`6 BZH

- Isejor Xhefr is born

3Z7`4L1`1J`96 BZH

- Isejor Xhefr goes back in time to see The Ancient

3Z7`4L6`8C`2 BZH

- Isejor Xhefr alters the orbit path of Adalan

- The Fresian Rift is torn open by tidal forces; the lost world of Thalos is recovered

- The Fresian Rift emits the third Nyimian shock wave

3Z7`8L7 BZH

- Isejor Xhefr destroys the Myken Star System

- Jzerael Korac reaches bioreversal

3Z7`9L1`2 BZH

- Isejor Xhefr reaches bioreversal

3Z7`9L8`8C04 BZH

- Carthea Xhefr is sent forward in time to The Lost Galaxy


(7Z0`7L BZH - 1Z16`5C12 BZH)

7Z0`7L BZH

- Leo Zakryn first projects and controls throxin externally

7Z0`1L2`1C BZH

- Leo Zakryn releases the fourth Nyimian shock wave

- Leo Zakryn is executed for the destruction of Ka-Laen; Gemini Jonderian dies with him

7Z0`1L2`1C`5J`12 BZH

- The Acadian Council sanctions tests to harness the power of throxin

7Z0`1L2`7C`7 BZH

- The first Guardian masters the external use of throxin

1Z16`2J BZH

- Thalos suffers a cataclysmic collision with Earth


(1Z16`5C12 BZH - 1Z62`9L BZH)

1Z16`4L BZH

- Caelum Lyricae gives fire to the Neanderthals of Earth

1Z16`4L`3J00`16 BZH

- Caelum Lyricae and fellow students visits Nazareth on Earth

1Z16`4L`3J00`31 BZH

- Jesus Christ is crucified

- Kappa students revive Jesus and bring him to the Aeradisphere

1Z49`9L8`8C04`7J`9 BZH

- Carthea Xhefr and Kryl unlock the secrets of the Syrilen


(1Z62`9L BZH - Zero Hour)

1Z75`1L1`13 BZH

- Acacia Rhaeticon creates the Phinitre biosphere

- All surviving Silver River dragons are relocated to Phinitre

1Z97`12 BZH

- Astralaria Lyraenan discovers the Genomorphs and creates Worlds


(Zero Hour - 3Z3`2 AZH)

Zero Hour

- Mars Xidonis is born

1L3`703 AZH

- Mars creates the first adrylian device

1L9`6C`8J8`900 AZH

- Mars creates the Arkane Sphere and travels back to the tribal wars

- Chroma falls out of sync with the natural time/space progression

2L6`791 AZH

- Mars Xidonis gives the Lydrelite children to the Nohslyns

4L8`2C1 AZH

- Rafa Kyveryk joins the Watchmen

4L9`9C95 AZH

- Mars Xidonis and Isejor Xhefr cause the Waypoint to collapse; time resets

7L7`1J4 AZH

- Rafa Kyveryk goes back in time to warn the Council about Leo Zakryn


(3Z3`2 AZH - 5Z0`8C`6J3 AZH)

4Z6`8L`5C32`2J9 AZH

- Xanthus Jedicke destroys the Kaos Orb

4Z9`9L70`6J17 AZH

- Lucian Markaena jumps to the End of Days, creating biological paradox

4Z9`9L76 AZH

- Traeban Markaena fights for wildlife protection system; Council dismisses the request

5Z0`7C AZH

- Aeradian wildlife is fully depleted; Xilon everywhere begin to disappear


(5Z0`8C`6J3 AZH - 8Z1`3L7 AZH)

5Z0`8C`6J3 AZH

- The Council sanctions Traeban Markaena's wildlife protection system

5Z0`1L2 AZH

- Lucian Markaena begins to travel the universe


- Lucian Markaena becomes a revered explorer; consults for the Acadian Council

8Z0`9L99 AZH

- Tarmn Antarius disppears while investigating Eridanus Fornax

8Z1`8 AZH

- Chryseis Andromeda is appointed director of the Danelan Institute

- The Danelan Institute develops major advancements in natural science

- Haydn Antarius searches for a way to unlock Eridanus Fornax

8Z1`1L2 AZH

- Chryseis Andromeda takes an interest in the Lost Souls of Isaev

8Z1`3L3`6J`5 AZH

- Haydn Antarius unlocks Eridanus Fornax


(8Z1`3L7 AZH - 1Z17`1C02 AZH)

8Z1`3L7 AZH

- Chryseis Andromeda opens the Isaevian vortex; disappears at Epiphany Lake

9Z6`4C77`3J`5 AZH

- Kyren Montaeryn joins the Watchmen

9Z6`1L1`1C AZH

- Kyren Montaeryn causes the deaths of significant Dalactyn and Kadhra Montaeryn

- Kyren Montaeryn is fitted with a throxin catalyst and confined to the central worlds

1Z01 AZH

- The Watchmen successfully correct the timeline of Universe Qar

1Z09`6C5 AZH

- First appearance of the Red Death

1Z16`9L57 AZH

- Orion Roarkdn begins to search for Origin

1Z17 AZH

- Orion Roarkdn searches the Chroma Rift; disappears from the timeline


(1Z17`1C02 AZH - 1Z88`4L AZH)

1Z17`7L`3J AZH

- Eridanus Kytheran and Ariel Ilarian connect as soul mates

1Z17`7L`5J`7 AZH

- Eridanus Kytheran destroys the Nyazim army

- The Acadian Council sanctions the practice of widespread timeline alterations

1Z17`2L7`45 AZH

- Ariel Ilarian is captured by cybernetics

- The Xilon-cybernetic hybrid KYRA is created; the cybernetics of R'aijha are destroyed

1Z87`9L89`4C1 AZH

- Kythera Xhefr is born and sent to Alarahn

1Z88`2L`16 AZH

- Kythera Xhefr defeats the creature that spawned the Horde


(1Z88`4L AZH - 2Z00 AZH)

1Z88`4L AZH

- The Aurangelyns release the fifth Nyimian shock wave

1Z88`4L`1J AZH

- Star systems and species beyond the Aeradisphere begin to die out

1Z92 AZH

- The Xilon civilization begins to regress; involvement with outside universe diminishes

1Z93 AZH

- The Universal Watchmen are disbanded

1Z95 AZH

- The last Acadian Council disbands

1Z97 AZH

- The central planets are primarily abandoned

- Xilon tribes form smaller communities on separate worlds

1Z99`5C5 AZH

- The fifth Nyimian shock wave reaches Alarahn

- The last remaining Athalites use time travel technology to relocate

1Z99`9L90 AZH

- Last remnants of the outside universe are pulled into Daxxus

- The Aeradisphere begins to collapse

- The last remaining Xilon relocate to other eras

1Z99`9L99 AZH

- Chrysalian begins to break apart

- Acadia Minor is broken up by tidal forces and the remnants are sucked into Daxxus

1Z99`9L99`6C70 AZH

- Zenon is swept through space by a fire nebula and destroyed

1Z99`9L99`8C84 AZH

- Kappa Crucis collides with the nuclear storm and is destroyed

- Risus collides with the Light of Lucifer and is destroyed

1Z99`9L99`9C99`4J44 AZH

- Terra Firma is obliterated by a streak of nuclear energy as the Aeradisphere implodes

1Z99`9L99`9C99`9J99 AZH

- Isejor Xhefr causes the sixth Nyimian shock wave

- Daxxus tears open; Zeta 5 is swept into the void

- Lucian Markaena is pulled into Daxxus

2Z00 AZH

- The last particles of matter disappear into Daxxus

- Daxxus collapses in on itself

- Time and space come to an end

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