The End of Days

End of Days

image It is understood by all Xilon that existence is finite. The universe began in the year 0 BZH (Before Zero Hour), hit a middle point at 200 trillion years (Zero Hour) and then ended in the year 200 trillion AZH (After Zero Hour). Creation has a lifespan of exactly 400 trillion years, down to the second, from start to finish, at which point everything simply ceases to be. The last few thousand years of existence are known as the End of Days, culminating in the Final Moments, which have only been witnessed by the bravest (or most reckless) few, or those who were forced to see it by some strange twist of fate, . Xilon, and other higher life forms born near the end of time eventually relocated themselves to more pleasant eras, leaving the last ten lyren completely uninhabited.

image At the End of Days, a number of particular events will take place. By that time, almost every particle of the universe will have long since drained into the celestial whirlpool of Daxxus. What little time and space is left will hurtle through the dying Mobius Spiral as the Aeradisphere itself collapses, destroying the rift that set it apart from the rest of existence. All elements of the Sphere interior will disintegrate in a massive chain reaction and will be drawn into the Final Sanctuary.

Among the last events to ever happen will be the burning of Zenon, at which point every inch of the beautiful water world will explode into flame as it falls into the abyss, tumbling head over heels in the midst of a fire nebula. This is followed by the destruction of Kappa Crucis as it collides with the core of the Delta Chain and is torn apart from the inside out. Risus will be swept over by the great firestorm, the Light of Lucifer, and turned into a charred wasteland. And just before the end, a massive streak of nuclear energy will crash into Terra Firma, obliterating it completely.

image The Rift Nebula and all remaining elements of Chrysalian will collide with each other as they freefall into their final resting place. Those who have dared to witness these events have either not survived or have returned home greatly changed. It is said to be both the most breathtakingly beautiful and the most utterly horrific sight that one could ever imagine.

Even the greatest leaders and bravest warriors and protectors of the Xilon species cannot bring themselves to experience the events firsthand. Jumping that far into the future poses a risk of the travelers being pulled into Daxxus themselves along with the burning planets, or simply being torn apart mid-jump as a result of the meltdown of time and space that is occurring. For most Xilon, stories and artwork that are passed down through the generations are sufficient methods of learning about the end of creation. But every now and then, especially determined souls will make the journey to witness the destruction of time for themselves. Whether or not they ever return is another story entirely.

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