The 12 Eons

The Xilon Timeline


During the early days of Xilon civilization, a group of ambitious explorers called the Eldenkraenm created the Universal Timeline, which spans the whole of time and space. It is understood by all higher life forms that existence is finite. The universe begins in the year 0 BZH (Before Zero Hour), reaches a middle point at 200 trillion years (Zero Hour) and ends in the year 200 trillion AZH (After Zero Hour). Existence has a life span of exactly 400 trillion years, down to the second, from start to finish, before and after which there is simply nothing; no time, no space, just an endless void of anti-creation.

These four hundred zaian (the Jzesan word for one trillion years) during which existence occurs are divided into twelve eons, each of which are characterized by particular people and events as they relate to the Xilon and their influence on both their own development and the multiverse beyond the Aeradisphere.

The Origins Era is the beginning of time and what comes directly after it. During this period, the universe begins, matter seeps into it from rifts between time and the voice, and the Aeradisphere forms around Daxxus, with the Xilon galaxy and orbit system developing between the first and second zaian. The last major event of the Origins Era is marked by the appearance of the first Xilon across Chrysalian galaxy.

image The second eon, the Early Days, is a dark period in Xilon history that most prefer to forget. In the same amount of the time that the Athalites evolved and established a prosperous monarchy, the Xilon developed weapons of mass destruction and nearly wiped themselves out in a series of brutal tribal wars that spanned the cosmos. The wars came to an end around 8 zaian BZH when a Zenonite from the future appeared with the first khejzmyn and convinced the barbarians to change their ways or perish.

The end of the Early Days is a period of immense change and positive progress, best known for the formation of the Eldenkraenm, a group of young Xilon who banded together to journey through the multiverse, which no others of their kind had yet done in any significant capacity. Later, that same group began to explore the past and future as well, recording their findings together for the benefit of all Xilon. It was during this time that the Jzesan language was developed by a member of the group, and the Book of Xilon began to take shape.

The third eon, the Genesis Era, begins with the first generation of Xilon to not experience physical decay of the body after a certain age. Major social developments include the appointment of the members of the Eldenkraenm (who later become known as "The Ancients") as the second Acadian Council and their formation of the Universal Watchmen. Near the end of their lives, the Ancients finally complete the Book of Xilon and time-lock it in a sanctuary in Corinthia. Much later in the Genesis Era, Isejor Xhefr, one of the most important and powerful Xilon to ever exist, is born and comes into his own as the Prince of Acadia.

image During the fourth eon, the Ionic Era, huge biological advancements are made, including the ability to externally project and control throxin, which drastically alters their way of life and allows the Watchmen far greater control of the multiverse than they had previously been capable of.

The fifth eon, the Expansion Era is marked by the involvement of the Xilon in an increasing number of timelines for a larger and larger range of planets and life forms all across the stars. Rather than working from behind the scenes as they had primarily done before, personal interaction between the Xilon and other species, and their direct influence over the evolution and progression of other civilizations, grows exponentially from the start of this era, setting an important precedent for the period that follows.

The Fusion Aeon, the sixth stage of the universal timeline, is characterized by the reverse of the previous era: the influence of other cultures on the Xilon worlds. Technology, creative art, science, history and a multitude of other subjects are adapted by the Xilon or incorporated into their own existing knowledge base, enhancing the information and abilities that they had already posessed.

image Beginning at Zero Hour and marking the start of the second half of time, the Middle Years see the birth of child prodigy Mars Xidonis, one of the most brilliant and progressive Xilon to ever exist. The creator of the invaluable khejzmyne (universal looking glasses) and the Arkane Sphere that powers them, Mars was the first to travel back to the tribal wars of the Early Days and it was he who convinced the his people's bloodthirsty ancestors to change. The Middle Years also boast the existence of Rafa Kyveryk, a young Kappa Crucian capable of seeing disasters before they occur.

The Age of Degeneration, the eighth eon of the timeline, is a period during which the majority of the Xilon population had become too comfortable with their place in the universe and too settled in their powerful ways. During this time, their pride and lack of attention to details result in numerous cosmic disasters, including the transdimensional Kaos Orb and the loss of local wildlife.

image The ninth eon is the Age of Enlightenment, during which the Council and the citizens of the central worlds come to recognize the drastic negative effects of their careless and apathetic behavior, and spend numerous zaian making a conscious effort to once again progress and evolve as a civilization. Xilon of this time period made massive and highly impressive advancements in a vast range of fields, most notably in the areas of natural science and exploration.

Another dark period in the Xilon timeline, the Reckoning, the tenth eon, is characterized by a number of losses of important Xilon figures, some of whom disappeared under disturbingly strange circumstances that have never been fully understood and remain classified as unsolved mysteries, and some of whom simply had bad luck and found themselves in difficult and unusual situations. The damage done to the multiverse during this period takes incredible lengths of time for later generations to correct.

image The start of the eleventh eon, the Cosmic Epoch is a turning point in Xilon history, during which the Council moves from the concept of "keeping the universe on track" to "altering the universe as we see fit" by intentionally changing the timelines of numerous species and planets to suit their own visions and interpretations of the time/space progression. In spite of a rough start, the Cosmic Epoch proved to be the most effective years of the Universal Watchmen and the most successful period of "universal interference," including alterations of past timelines of the Xilon themselves.

The final era of existence, the End of Days sees the close of the Xilon civilization. As star systems die out all over the multiverse, the concept of guidance and universal interference becomes moot. During these last 12 zaian, the Watchmen and the Council are disbanded and the central planets are abandoned in favor of smaller independent clans spread out across the Sphere interior with minimal contact. Eventually, after all other life forms are dead or have relocated to other time periods, the last remaining Xilon warp to the past to live out the rest of their lives as unobtrusively as possible. The final events of this period, including the destruction of the Aeradisphere itself, are documented in the End of Days.

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