The Origins of Jzesan

Origins of Jzesan

image In the early days of existence, during the late second eon, a budding Kappa Crucian linguist, Ktaran Jzesanec Thalin Zenon, made it a point to travel throughout the multiverse, studying the languages of every civilization that he could find and bringing them home to share with his fellow Xilon. On one of his trips abroad, he ended up in the Silver River galaxy and found the blue planet Earth to be visually pleasing from space, so he went in for a closer look. Wandering into the great city of Rome, he had his first encounter with human language. Using a single alphabet, set pronunciations and strict grammatical rules, Latin was unlike anything he had ever heard. Most other species, especially the Xilon, used less restrictive sound combinations that were more open to change and interpretation depending on the context of what was being said. So to Ktaran, the concept was very new and very, very fascinating.

Excited by the idea of a whole new language structure, the young student studied the humans from afar for a full month to master the local tongue, making absolutely certain that he understood how it was used. Upon returning home, Ktaran shared what he had discovered and his language professor was particularly intrigued by the find, as their own dialect had become problematic when attempting to communicate with less evolved life forms. More and more travelers were returning home with similar stories of their encounters with other beings, who had been wholly overwhelmed by the powerful music of their primary form of speech, Aradaesian. Many life forms were not biologically equipped to handle the sounds and either suffered physically due to sensitive ears, or became psychologically distraught because of their inability to process the sounds fast enough. Those who traveled in pairs or groups with the intention of studying other races found it hard to blend in, as any attempt to converse drew immediate attention to their presence. An alternative to Aradaesian was beginning to seem imperative.

At the behest of his professors, Ktaran set to work and spent the remainder of his primary studies adapting the Latin language to fit his own people. He created a calligraphic equivalent to the Roman alphabet, with a few modifications to cover certain sounds and speech patterns that only occurred in Aradaesian, the result of which was a "compromise" between the two tongues...the basic sounds and grammatical structures of Latin while still allowing for an accurate translation of their existing approach to the spoken word.

Dubbed "Jzesan" after the young linguist's family name, the final product was so ideal that it was immediately implemented into learning programs across the Xilon worlds and was, from that day forth, used by all Xilon travelers. It gave them the chance to journey through the cosmos without drawing attention to themselves or overpowering the ears of the locals that they encountered. Additionally, stories, history and other elements of the learning process, which had until that point been strictly passed on through oral tradition, were finally written down and distributed even beyond the borders of the Aeradisphere.

A member of the revered Eldenkraenm and one of the leading members of the second Acadian Council, the clever youth was never forgotten. Right up until the end of time, a plaque in Ktaran's honor remained solidly fixed to the front of the most highly respected learning center on Kappa Crucis, proudly displaying the origins of one of the most important creations of Xilon life.

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