The Aldraaken Sphere

Aldraaken Sphere

image One of the many stories told in the Book of Xilon is the tale of a premature end to all existence. It was said by ancient Watchers near the end of the second eon that a day would come when the timeline of the Aeradisphere was utterly destroyed or irrevocably altered. The majority of their species would perish or change, the timeline altered by an unspeakable cataclysm. It was said that, should this catastrophe truly occur, hope yet remained for life to be restored to what it once was.

A device fashioned from the strongest crystal by an unknown from the earliest days could undo any nightmare that had taken place. No bigger than a large boulder, the sphere contained the basic properties of time/space itself. Rumored to live on the threshold of Daxxus, the orb could be found by those who were truly determined, and only when it was needed most, drifting across the Aeradisphere until discovered by the unlucky few who were destined to see the tragedy through. Only one survivor would be needed to activate the sphere's unimaginable power, but such an activation would be done at the cost of that Xilon's own existence. He need only place a hand upon the smooth surface of the orb and willingly drain his own life force into it.

image Once the universe was restored, that individual would not only die but would literally cease to be, as if he had never been created in the first place. No one would remember that he had ever been there, or what he had done to save his people, but the results would be worth the sacrifice. By channeling his own essence into the ancient device, that Xilon would trigger the genesis elements swirling within, pumping it full of imprints and memories of the Xilon people's lives and history, channeling the energies to recreate everything that had made that individual what he had been.

Once full, the device would explode, releasing a tidal wave of burning white light, and the throxin from the body of the sacrificed Xilon will cause a time/space ripple that would effectively turn back the clock to rewrite history. All of the planets and their former inhabitants would reappear, exactly as they had been up until the moment the catastrophe struck. No one would ever be aware of what had transpired or of the great sacrifice that had been made by an unknown hero. In fact, as the Book tells us, such an event may have taken place already and we simply never knew.

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